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What We Provide

You can count on Ackerman's Pest Control to treat you fairly and not charge you an outrage rate. You the homeowner should not have to live with unwanted pest inside or outside around your residence, we know that you have worked hard for your investment and we want you to be pest free. We guarantee 100% satisfaction and will give you the most professional service you deserve. If your tired of paying unwanted cost for pest service call today to get a quality service at a price you deserve. Let us know if you’d like to learn more about a specific offering.

At Ackerman's Pest Control we offer affordable and quality service for roach  treatments. Roaches can infest your residence in a matter of weeks . Our service will help control your roach infestation. We offer a one time pest service or a preventative service to best suit your needs. If roaches are not treated properly they can take over your establishment before you know it. We will inspect and treat your residence or commercial property with the most effective products on the market today. Give us a call today for pricing that is affordable for all.


Termites can damage a home in very little time, and insurance companies will not pay for termite damages. With our termite services you will have that protection you have been wanting. Call us today for a free estimate and let us take care of your greatest investment, your home.

Bed Bugs are becoming a problem for a lot of homeowners, so do not think your the only one battling these pest. We will be with you every step of the way to insure that these pest get eradicated. We all know with this service treatments can be overwhelmingly expensive. You do have options, do not just settle for the high cost option other companies offer, allow us to give you a low cost treatment option that will have the results you hoped for. Do not worry call us today and we can help control your bed bug infestation at an affordable cost and allow you to have the piece of mind at night and enjoy your investment.
Rodents can destroy many things inside and outside of your residence. Without treatment they can destroy electrical wiring, ac duct work, and many other things around your residence. Our services will help control the rodents infestation at your residence. We have different types of services we can offer for rodents, if you just want a rodent trapped and  removed we are the company for you. If you just want a preventative option, no need to worry rodents are included in our pest control services as part of treatments.
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We offer flea control for both inside and outside of your residence. Fleas can be a nuisance and cause you to itch when bitten by them. If fleas go untreated they can overwhelm you with bite marks and make it impossible to stay in the residence. We can control the infestation for an itch free residence.





Are you tired of going outside and just can not enjoy yourself due to the unwanted mosquitoes. We offer a service that will give your yard back to you and not have any unwanted pest interfering with your relaxing time. We will provide a quality treatment at a low cost that is effective and safe for everyone even the pets. Give us a call before calling those big companies and have to pay more than you deserve. Like all our other services we guarantee 100% satisfaction. Call today for a price that we are even impressed with.

In Charleston and the surroundings areas moisture underneath a home is very common. We do not try to sell you something you do not need, we come to fix the problem at the best and lowest option for you. Do not settle for a expensive estimate, give us a call for a free estimate on installing a moisture barrier, dehumidifier, sealing your crawlspace, removal of insulation, cleaning out your crawlspace, sump pumps or foundation vents. 
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